Hello Again

Hello advent followers,

It has been an eternity and I know you’ve missed me. I’m sorry but I forgot this blog existed. I am now a sophomore in college and wow! Have things changed?! I’m not sure what to tell you… not much has changed… My dog has died. I worked at the Wilds for a year. I liked a guy named Matt. I was thoroughly confused by a guy named Ethan. I’ve made amazing friends though. I’m facing my sophomore platform so my life may take a dramatic turn soon. That’s exciting… I have a new love for chipotle. I had a car and it died. It was a nice car. I actually am a graphic design major with a photography minor so I guess I can now, looking back say, “I MADE IT GUYS!”




Magazine Mayhem

Every good book or magazine needs a purpose. The purpose of ours for you is that you’ll be able to discover something you never knew, or that maybe you’ll find a path of success. We hope that when you read through our magazine, you will realize that your goals aren’t as far away as they might seem. Sure we may have different random things posted, but the purpose for us is that we help anyone reach their goals. We want to help people to look back one day and say “I made it guys!”


Hey guys! Sorry it’s almost been two days since either of us last posted anything. I certainly had quite the busy weekend! I went up to York Beach, Maine and saw the angry ocean! We also went to Kittery Trading Post! What Fun! 😀 I’m so busy right now, but I had to take time out of my evening to write to you. There is a fine arts competition at my school this Friday! I’m so excited and I simply can not wait and I know I’m not the only one this excited. 🙂 I recently finished making copies of my judging forms and matting all my pictures. The only thing I have left to do tonight is print out a picture and add some pictures to some memory sticks. Once everything settles down tonight I plan on watching some home-made videos with my family. The videos were taken when I was the cutest little kid ever 😀 I know… what happened? Well, gotta go! See ya later and blog ya tomorrow 🙂


Goog Morning IMIG!

I hope everyone is doing fantastic on this absolutely fine morning! Our school had a two-hour delay due to a snow storm here. That’s just wonderful for me 😀 I had to post something before I headed out for the day ahead of me. I know I have a routine every morning, but now editing the IMIG blog is going to be part of it! Are there Any unique routines that your morning contains?