Hello Again

Hello advent followers, It has been an eternity and I know you’ve missed me. I’m sorry but I forgot this blog existed. I am now a sophomore in college and wow! Have things changed?! I’m not sure what to tell you… not much has changed… My dog has died. I worked at the Wilds for […]

Magazine Mayhem

Every good book or magazine needs a purpose. The purpose of ours for you is that you’ll be able to discover something you never knew, or that maybe you’ll find a path of success. We hope that when you read through our magazine, you will realize that your goals aren’t as far away as they […]


Hey guys! Sorry it’s almost been two days since either of us last posted anything. I certainly had quite the busy weekend! I went up to York Beach, Maine and saw the angry ocean! We also went to Kittery Trading Post! What Fun! 😀 I’m so busy right now, but I had to take time […]

Goog Morning IMIG!

I hope everyone is doing fantastic on this absolutely fine morning! Our school had a two-hour delay due to a snow storm here. That’s just wonderful for me 😀 I had to post something before I headed out for the day ahead of me. I know I have a routine every morning, but now editing […]