Sweet Dreams

Well, off to bed for the night. Got a long day ahead of me. We will keep in touch. : )


Welcome New Brave Co-owner!

Karyssa is a little new here! Let’s make her feel welcome and show her how to work a computer shall we?! : )

About Us? More About You.

Karyssa and I are both from a small country town in the great old United States of America. We have attended school together since first grade and have shared many interesting memories.We may be best friends but we are very different. We have different skills and goals. Sometimes we can’t see eye to eye. However, recently, while discussing what we want to do with our lives, I discovered that Karyssa had no idea what she wanted to do. We will both be attending the same college soon and we realize we both want to minor in photography. Say what you wish about the business. For some people it is a waste of time and brings in no profit. However, for others it is enjoyable, challenging, and can bring in loads of dough! Anyway, I suggested to Karyssa that she major in journalism. If I were the CEO of a major newspaper or magazine, I would jump at the opportunity to hire someone who can write for me and take their own pictures. I would not be forced to hire another employee for the sake of the newspaper photography. I would save huge amounts of money. Realizing that this is a true fact, Karyssa had the brilliant idea that some day she could own her own magazine! That’s where I come in. I’ve always had artistic skills and last year I decided to attend a four-year college and major in graphic design with a minor in photography. I jumped to tell my friend that could be the design editor of her magazine! So in order to prep for a future magazine, we both decided to create a blog! No longer being afraid of the future we could now say to our fellow students, “I made it, guys!”

Open For Business!

It’s official! The brand new IMIG blog is up and running! Karyssa and I hope to have many followers so we can tell everyone our exciting news. Here, on this blog, you can find humor, inspiration, and a glimpse towards the future! We plan to next create our “I Made It, Guys” magazine which will contain helpful tips for setting your goals, maintaining friendships, and many more exciting things! If you are reading this right now, we wish to say thank you to you. We hope you’ll keep reading because there is much more to come! 🙂